GIC Insights 2018


The New China Economy

China has been undergoing a major economic transition from investment-and export-led growth to a model driven more by consumption and services, with structural reforms a key part of this process. In 2017, China's economy grew 6.9%, above the government target of 6.5%, despite seeing a notable decline in fixed investment growth contribution, tighter monetary policy, new financial regulations, and stronger monitoring of fiscal and banking risks. In addition, with strong governmental support for the innovation and technology industry, China's new generation of entrepreneurs are creating world-class products, developing their own technologies, and rolling out new business models with scale and speed.

At GIC Insights 2018, our two esteemed panels shared their views on the longer term outlook for China's new growth model, the prospects for China as a global innovation and tech superpower, and the role foreign investors can play in this.


Ray Dalio

Founder, Co-Chief Investment Officer & Co-Chairman

Bridgewater Associates

Yuri Milner


DST Global

Ng Kok Song

Founding Partner & Chairman

Avanda Investment Management

Joseph Tsai

Executive Vice Chairman

Alibaba Group

Dr Yin Yong

Vice Mayor

Beijing Municipal Government

Dr Zhou Xiaochuan


China Society for Finance and Banking

Choo Yong Cheen

Chief Investment Officer, Private Equity


Dr Jeffrey Jaensubhakij

Group Chief Investment Officer


Lim Chow Kiat

Chief Executive Officer