The New Middle Ground

We are in unprecedented times. Prospects for global economic growth are highly uncertain. Governments have limited policy ammunition, while populism and protectionist pressures continue to rise. Businesses are facing changing supply chain dynamics and slowing earnings growth and investors are dealing with increasing volatility and falling returns. Technology continues to rapidly advance and disrupt, but increasingly, externalities alongside the possibilities need to be assessed. Finding a new middle ground between the key economic powers, growth and inclusiveness, as well as risks and opportunities for investing and technology will be top of mind for all stakeholders. At GIC Insights 2019, we will discuss these issues and the implications for investors and businesses.

Changing World Order

The world is undergoing dramatic changes in economic balance. Over the last 5 years, China has overtaken the US to become the world’s largest economy (in PPP terms). China’s growing global influence in trade and technology, and transition from a global manufacturer to global innovator and entrepreneur, are being met with increasing international security concerns and geopolitical turmoil. China is seeking a new balance between its growing global role and national aspirations, at a time where liquidity is tightening, growth is slowing and technology is transforming the competitive landscape. How are the US and China responding to this changing world order? What are the challenges and longer term outlook?

Navigating Uncertainty

Given the mature business cycles in the key economies, continued populist and geopolitical pressures and limited Government policy ammunition, the fundamental outlook for global policy, growth and earnings is increasingly challenging. Financial risks are a key concern due to high corporate and non-bank leverage, weakening credit quality, and tightening liquidity. In view of lower market return prospects and headwinds to the global economy and capital markets, how are investors dealing with such high levels of uncertainty and positioning themselves for both the risks and opportunities? 

Innovation 4.0

Rapid technological innovation is transforming industries and the global competitive landscape. Whether it’s information, communication, transport, retail, banking, energy, medical or food production, our needs are being met better, faster and in ways we never imagined. However, the realities can differ greatly to the promises that new technology brings, with decision makers increasingly being called upon to consider both the possibilities and externalities. At this session, we will have leading edge innovators share on the outlook for the areas they are revolutionising and the key challenges involved.