Key Takeaways from GIC Insights 2019


At GIC Insights 2019, we heard from esteemed panelists on the challenges and longer-term outlook of this changing world order, the implications of rapid technological innovation, and the risks and opportunities of heightened uncertainty. More than 150 guests, all distinguished in their respective fields, added to the quality of the discussion with their thoughtful questions and perspectives.

Theme: Finding the Middle Ground
We are in unprecedented times. Global economic prospects are increasingly uncertain, governments have limited policy ammunition, and populism and protectionist pressures continue to rise. Businesses face changing supply chain dynamics and slowing earnings growth, and investors are dealing with increasing volatility and falling returns. Technology continues to rapidly advance and disrupt, but externalities alongside the possibilities increasingly need to be assessed. Given an increasingly polarised world, finding the middle ground between the key economic powers, growth and inclusiveness, as well as risks and opportunities for investing and technology will be top of mind for all stakeholders. At GIC Insights 2019, we discussed these issues and the implications for investors and businesses.

A selection of key takeaways is available for download.